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Welcome to *AIDA

*AIDA is a language of a new generation with integrated means for programming, modeling and documenting. The star in the language name points to some relation to the language logo and that the pronounce accent is on A. AIDA stands for Animation and Images to Develop Algorithms.

It is a language of algorithmic CyberFrames, Animation Scenes, and CyberFilms within the Filmification modeling (F-modeling) environment where pictures and moving pictures are used as super-characters for the representation of features of computational algorithms, corresponding application models and related documentation.

There are compound pictures to define algorithmic CyberFrames and generic pictures to define the contents of compound pictures. Compound pictures are assembled into special series of Algorithmic CyberScenes and an Algorithmic CyberFilm. The pictures, their series and related template programs, are developed and acquired in special galleries and libraries of an open type. In this way, data/knowledge acquisition of various types is permanently performed and necessary specialization of the language is obtained.

*AIDA is oriented not only on the representation of algorithms to generate an executable code, but also to explain them by special annotations and views with different levels of details and appropriate features of application models. Picture based super-characters and high level language constructs enable the development of compact, understandable and reliable software which is convenient for reusability and maintenance.